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Admission help Prices and Price Policy

Our team is perfectly aware of how important it is for you to be able to pre-calculate the total price of your future paper. That is why we have tried to make our price policy as clear and convenient for you as possible. And we think we managed!

We can offer our customers a wide range of different discount offers and very affordable prices. However, you still have to be aware of what the price of an order consists of.

  • Type of the paper

Depending on what kind of paper you are going to order, its price will vary. Let’s say, an essay and a research paper will have different prices. Also, the academic level matters.

  • Types of work we are going to do

We mean that the price of your paper will depend on what kind of work you want us to perform. If we compare writing a draft, proofreading and writing a full-size assignment from scratch, their prices will differ.

  • Deadlines

The amount of time we have to complete your order also matters a lot. The more time your writer has to complete an order the lower the price you will get in the end. 

  • Your writer’s level

It means that the cooler your writer is the higher the price will be. Joking! But to be serious, the academic level of a writer also influences the total price of the work. If your paper is being written by someone with a Ph.D. or a Master’s degree, you will pay more than for the paper written by a writer with no degree.

  • Extra work

In case you find it necessary to add any extra options to your order (e.g. proofreading or a table of contents), the total price will raise because all these options are extra paid.

  •  VIP client

Yes, we have such an option for you! Those who want their orders to be processed first can become our VIPs. However, take into account that it is a paid option!

Good luck and see you at our web site soon!